​During the conflicts of the 20th Century former pupils of the George Watson's Boys' College answered their country's call in their hundreds and many made the ultimate sacrifice.

In World War I 605 died, 19.5% of those who served in the armed forces.

In World War II 202 died, 11.2% of those who served in the armed forces.

In addition, one former pupil of George Watson's Ladies' College was killed in World War I, another was killed during World War II and a pupil died in the Korean War. This Roll of Honour provides some of the facts and the faces behind the stark statistics. It also includes the six members of staff who died in World War I and another, who had taught at George Watson's Ladies' College, who died in World War II.

These biographies are not complete and there are also a number of photographs missing, together with a few records that have not yet been traced. If you have any further information we would welcome it, please contact us.

We continue to work hard to find out more about these Watsonians. Some of the photographs you will see here have been taken from newspapers and from the school magazine, The Watsonian, when they were still at school. Most of the information you will find here has been taken from A Memorial Record of Watsonians who served in the Great War (1920) and The Watsonian War Record 1939-1945 (1951). These two volumes were published to record and honour Watsonians who had served and who had died. Additionally, John Hamblin researched the Watsonians during the Second World War (1939-46) in more detail and we are pleased to share his research here too.

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Name Regiment Buried Biography

Norman Lewis Mill
R.E. BARLIN COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION A son of Mr. R. Mill, Edin., and twin brother of Douglas R. Mill, was born in 1894, and after being at St. James's Episcopal School and Gillespie's, he attended G.W.C., leaving in 1913 to study dentistry. In 1915 he joined the chemists' section of the R.E., was gassed and died on Mar. 1, 1917. He was buried at Barlin, south of Bethune.

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Alexander Millar
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders ROCQUIGNY-EQUANCOURT ROAD BRITISH CEMETERY, MANANCOURT Born in 1893, was a son of Mr. G. I. Millar, Edin., and was at G.W.C. 1898-1908. He enlisted in the A. and S. H. in 1915, and went to France in 1916. He became a L/Cpl., was mortally wounded in action, and died on Oct. 12, 1918.

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George Inglis Millar
R.F.A. ANZIN-ST. AUBIN BRITISH CEMETERY A son of Mr. G. I. Millar, Edin., was born in 1895, and attended G.W.C. 1901-11. He left to enter the office of Messrs. Barstow and Millar, C.A. Joining the E.U.O.T.C., he was gazetted from it to a commission in the R.F.A. in 1916. Ordered to the Western Front, he saw much of the fighting preparatory to the Spring Offensive of 1917. He was killed at Arras on Apr. 8, while directing the fire of his Bty. on the enemy wire and trenches.

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George William Millar
Inns of Court OTC EDINBURGH (MORNINGSIDE) CEMETERY The only son of Mr. A. B. Millar, Edin., was born in 1891, and joined G.W.C. in 1898, remaining only for a short time, as his family moved to Inverness. He did good expert work on the staff of the General Board of Control before enlistment. He was attached to the Inns of Court O.T.C., and was training for a commission, when he was cut off by illness, Oct. 30, 1918.

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Harry Walker Millar
R.A.F. RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL Harry W. Millar, Sergeant Observer, Royal Air Force, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Walker Millar, 5 Ettrick Grove, Edinburgh, was born on 2nd May 1923 and attended Watson's from 1929 to 1939 when he joined the staff of The National Bank of Scotland, Ltd. Volunteering for the R.A.F. on attaining the age of eighteen, he trained in S. Africa as an observer, and was killed in action in a raid on Turin in July 1943.

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Archibald Ingram Miller
R.A.M.C. FAUBOURG D'AMIENS CEMETERY, ARRAS Born in 1882, was educated at G.W.C. and at Leys School, Cambridge. Entering Edin. Univ. in 1900, he graduated M.B. Ch.B. in 1905. In 1916 he was commissioned Lt. in the R.A.M.C., and in the following year was killed in action, Afar. 11, 1917.

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John Laing Miller
Royal Scots RATHO CEMETERY The third son of Mr. W. Miller, was born at Gilmerton in 1898. He entered G.W.C. in 1907, and on leaving in 1912 joined the office staff of Messrs. T. Nelson and Sons, publishers. When considerably under military age he enlisted as a Pte. in the 5th R.S. in 1914, ultimately gaining the rank of Sgt., and acting as P.T. Instructor in his Bn. in 1917. Sent to France in Aug. 1918, he became seriously ill at Bailleul and was discharged in Feb. 1919. He died after a lingering illness, July 23, 1919.

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Robert Miller
S.R. DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUN The only son of Mr. R. Miller, Edin., was born in 1897. He spent all his school days at G.W.C., where he was a conspicuous member of the XV. and an officer in the O.T.C. Leaving in 1915, he was gazetted to the S.R., and was promoted Lt. in Apr. 1916. Crossing to France he was made A/Capt., and greatly distinguished himself in the Arras battle. He was mortally wounded on Apr. 23, 1917, and next day died in hospital. He is buried at Duisans.

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Thomas Murray Miller
S.R. MAZINGARBE COMMUNAL CEMETERY The second son of the Rev. J. Miller, St. John's U.F. Church, Eyemouth, was born in 1894, and passed through Eyemouth Public School and Berwick Grammar School, where he was dux, before coming to G.W.C. in 1910. He was a Prefect and a keen member of the Football Club, playing for the Ogilvie 1st XV. in 1911-12, and receiving his 2nd XV. cap. He entered the office of Messrs. P. Henderson and Coy., Glasgow, and, having joined the 5th S.R., was called up on the outbreak of war. He served in France without a break from Nov. 1914 to Oct. 1915, and fell while attending a wounded man, Jan. 27, 1916.

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William Henry Miller Indian Army (Punjabis) AMARA WAR CEMETERY A son of Mr. W. Miller, Gilmerton, Midlothian, was born in 1895, and attended G.W.C. 1905-10. On leaving School he chose banking as his profession. He held the rank of Capt. in the I.A. (Punjabis), and was killed on May 2, 1916.

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